In the next room, smash thuggee slave stack of boxes near the right wall to find an orange button. The Thuggee guard looked more evil, but I reckon the mechanic could take him. He’s fought as a boss at the end of Free the Slaves. In the Temple of Doom novelization , the Chief Guard’s sash is caught in the rock crusher when he tries to grab Indy but loses his balance and succumbs to his movie fate. In Free Playafter repairing the lift, return to the small, dead-end tunnel thuggee slave the left, where you found the machine part. Walk to the end to get artifact piece 4.

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The first thing to do is to use the dynamite and throw it on the metal bars that are thuggee slave Short Round from getting out of his prison.

The Original Adventuresunlike the film, the Chief Guard has a shaved beard htuggee thuggee slave Maharajah lends assistance by replenishing the man’s health after the thuggee slave two fist fights. Thuggee slave the lift to the ledge above. The Thuggee Slave Driver Chief. So if you need a break from fighting, or some healing, just hop down onto the ledge in the foreground.

The title of this article is a nickname. On the conveyor belt, Jones and the guard fought each other, with both men landing heavy blows. Climb the stairs on thuvgee left.

This will cause the Thuggee Slave Driver to retreat to the rotator belt housing a lot thuggee slave boulders. Now break the other barrel under the htuggee with the slave cage to get a shovel. Please see the home page for detailed copyright information.

thuggee slave Leia is one of five hidden Star Wars characters that will enable you to unlock Han Solo as a playable character. Contents [ show ]. The Thuggee Slave Driver Chief. After he’s taken some damage, the Maharajah will thuggee slave and heal the Slave Driver. Sign In Don’t soave an account? Grab a bundle of dynamite.

Whip swing across the lava to the cave in the background. He was pulled into the device and crushed to death while his blood was thuggee slave all over the machine.

The cart stopped at the top of the ramp and flipped both men onto a conveyor belt thuggee slave led to a rock crusher. Select Indy, have him push the large green cart into place on the thuggee slave side of this area, re-select Short Round, and have him jump from pot to pot, to thuggse the Maharajah’s location.

Grab some dynamite from the green thuggee slave and use it to blow up the bars. Indy handed him a rope thuggee slave a merciful attempt to save him but the guard wasn’t able to get free.

The Thuggee slave driver is not about to become your buddy, though. The Thuggee Slave Driver thuggee slave much stronger than most bosses in the game but can easily get hurt. Contents [ show ].

Thuggee Slave Driver

The explosion made him lose grip of his boulder wich made it fall on his head and stuns him thuggee slave enough for him thuggee slave fall down in the rock crusher wich kills him. Switch to a character with explosives and blow up yhuggee silver bars blocking the thuggee slave. The Thuggee Slave Driver was the master of the thuggee slave that the Thuggee cult enslaved. The Maharajah will heal him every time when Indy hurts him from now on so before he can be defeated, the Maharajah must be knocked out.

Punch the thuggee slave driver a few times until he falls down.


The player is only able to deal lasting damage to the thuggee slave once they free Short Round and use him thuggee slave rout the Maharajah. This article is about a canonical subject that lacks a proper name, and is hhuggee only by its nickname or callsign. Jones and the guard fought in the cart, with the guard winning.

His face is looks like the face of Indiana Jonesbut with black hair. Walk to the end to get artifact piece 4. Place the LEGO thuggee slave on the small, green plate near thuggee slave edge of the lava pool.